Condensation Desoldering Tool

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Weight: 1 kg

HS Code: 851519 HTS Code: 851519 Country of origin: Germany


The IMDES Vapor Phase Desoldering System IMD-DSS-1 has been devolped for the use in vapor-phase soldering machines.

With the IMD-SS-1  the user is capable  to desolder  (remove) very safe and easy Multi leaded SMD-components, ball grid arrays, connectors as well as mechanical components


  1. Position the desoldering lever system on the assembly above the component to be desoldered.

  2. Attach a small piece of heat resistance double sided tape on to the device to be removed

  3. Connect the lever arm with device adaptor, by pushing it down on to the component  to be removed with has  already the double sided

    At the other end of the lever arm opposite to the component device adaptor is a small adjustable  weight that will be now in its up wards position

  4. Place thee complete IMD-DSS-1 assembly with attached desoldering device (and the component to be desoldered) in to a vapor-phase soldering machine.

  5. Run your standard reflow program and short after when the solder starts to melt the lever will lift the device to be removed  from the board assembly

  6. After desoldering remove the desoldered device including the tape from the device adaptor of the lever The system is again ready for the next cycle


Attractly  priced

Easy to operate

May be used with every vapor-phase soldering machine

No damage to components or PCB tracks Oxidation-free process during reflow

Homogeneous and stress-free heating of the assembly

No over-heating of the component to be desoldered or the assembly

Neither special nozzles nor tools needed for different component forms

Lead-free products may be reworked  with no  problems


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