Tabel Top Laed Free Wave Soldering Machine

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Weight: 100 kg

HS Code: 85151910 HTS Code: 85151910 Country of origin: Italy



The IMDES Lab-Wave is a table model wave soldering machine for printed circuit boards in THT, SMD or mixed technology.

Suitable for the newest lead-free soldering and conventional soldering processes with tin / lead alloys.

The IMDES MINI Wave is particularly suitable for use in laboratories, small and medium-sized series. The capacity in 8 hours is around 500 printed circuit boards with the dimensions 260 x 400 mm.

The operator places the PCBA´s to be processed which are mounted in the workpiece holder on the input transport conveyor. The PCBA`s are then fluxed, preheated and soldered.

The IMDES Lab Wave is equipped with a touchscreen control panel.

A total of 20 programmable soldering processes can be saved via a TFT color display.



  • Robust construction in powder coated sheet steel
  • Control: PLC with control card for power units
  • Equipped with a TFT touchscreen control
  • Storage space: for 20 soldering programs
  • Foam fluxer with air knife
  • Infrared long-wave preheating via Pyrex heating plate with infinitely adjustable «residence time»
  • The soldering pot, soldering pump and wave formers designed for lead-free process
  • Special wave formers for soldering SMD and THT components


Technical Data and Options
IMDES Table Model Wave Soldering machine LAB-WAVE, excluding soldering filling and flux filling 12999, -Euro
Connection voltage (Standard) 5-wire-system, 3 x 230/400 V 230-400 Volt / 50-60 Hz
Total power consumption 5.7 kW
Preheating power consumption 3.2 kW
Solder Pot power consumption 2.5 kW
Warm-up time Approx. 80 Min to 270 ° C (Soldering bath temperature)
External dimensions 2000 x 700 x 600 mm (L x W x H)
Weight approx. 90 kg (approx. 140 kg solder, excluding flux)
Usable solder width Max. 260 mm
Wave solder carriers Universal solder carriers with 2 or 3 clip bars; Usable format 260 x 400 (W x L)
Wave former unit Single wave principle (for smd dynamic single wave)
Solder (filling amount) 50 kg IMD Lot SN100C® SnCu0.7Ni
Flux container volume 4 Liter
Compressed air for the fluxer and air knife Compressed air for the fluxer and air knife is approximately 1.5 bar. The air consumption is low.
If the circuit board is above the flux unit, the air valve is activated and closes again when the circuit board has left the flux unit.
Options and accessories Spray flux, xxtra workpiece holder, center bar, including soldering fingers for solder workpiece holder
Flux IMD-Flux 323-ITM No-Clean spray based on alcohol and foam flux for wave soldering. Suitable for all Pb-free and Sn / Pb types.
Cover oil for pump shafts IMD Cover oil 608HT – stable, ready-to-use cover oil at high temperature. – to cover the pump shafts on wave soldering systems. – Suitable for all Pb-free and Sn / Pb types



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