Vapor phase soldering, also known as condensation soldering, achieves a very gentle and repeatable heating process. The temperature is limited to the boiling point of the liquid. The maximum solder temperature is much lower than any other reflow solder method. This is beneficial for all components and PCBs.

Vapor phase soldering provides greater process accuracy, higher quality solder joints, more gentle and consistently repeatable heating, lower reflow costs, environmentally friendly,… .

The costs of operation are lower than for convection soldering.

Information on the environment and humans can be found in this  doument 

All information on double-sided condensation soldering can be found in this PDF

All information on the tombstone effect can be found in this PDF

Yes, you can safe and easy desoldering complex devices  with the vapor phase process if you are using IMDES DEsoldering system IMD-DSS-1!

Multi-poleSMD components



mechanical elements

The IMDES soldering system IMD-DSS-1 is a fast and cost-effective aid for the rework of components (such as BGA’s and QFB’s).

Individual components can be easily and gently removed from an assembly.

For this purpose, the repair system is connected to the component, which is to be desoldered (removed) and driven together with the assembly through the vapor phase machine soldering system.


Yes, you can avoid this by

Yes, we have a solution!

At the bottom side of the lid under neath the glass window of, a  shaped thin stainless plate  (like roof of a house) will be mounted

Or a simple thin shaped  thin stainless steel  plate will be mounted  underneath the lid

You can do that yourself or we can supply you with the parts or a complete new lid.

See the attached pdf documents below

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In the attached PDF document you will find an overviwe of the different types of Galden and it´s tempature ranges

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