Our Company



In 2014, entrepreneur Marc van Stralen established IMDES CREATIVE SOLUTIONS in Gildehaus Germany with the aim:

“Developing and manufacturing small creative and attractive priced  condensation soldering systems for laboratory and prototyping”

Since its foundation, IMDES CREATIVE SOLUTIONS has been following the company’s principle:

“We are redefining reflow soldering”

To date, two hundred laboratory condensation soldering systems have been installed worldwide.

The customer base now comprises the world’s most well-known companies


Mr. van Stralen is 100 % owner and CEO of IMDES CREATIVE SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL.

It all started in this Garage at the left side of his house in Gildehaus in Germany
This is the place where the first IMDES  Laboratory Condensation Reflow Machines products were developed

Although IMDES was founded in Germany, we always had broader vision.
From day one, we saw ourselves as a truly global company.

Van Stralen is born in Leiden, the Netherlands, on 24.02 1952 At a very young age he was already interested in technology such as electrical components, mechanical devices and radios. He is a real hand on man and his charisma, energy and optimism won him the confidence and support of many in relishing the ideas he has.
Van Stralen thinks only in opportunities and rarely seeing obstacles.