Flexible printed circuits

Flexible printed circuits have become established in recent years as a medium for circuits.

The main users of flexible printed circuits are the technological sectors which need the following characteristics and benefits:

  • Implementation of compact, complex assemblies which minimise size and weight
  • Dynamically and mechanically robust when bent
  • Defined characteristics of the circuit systems on the circuit board (impedances and resistances)
  • Reliability of the electrical connections by minimising the number of connections between the modules
  • Saving connectors and wiring, also cost-saving by lowering the costs for component placement and assembly

Flexible printed circuit boards are now in use throughout the electronics industry. The circuit board is generally installed bent, folded or twisted. Flexible printed circuit boards are primarily used to replace wiring and connectors, and to create configurations and complex geometries that would be impracticable with rigid printed circuit boards.

IMDES CREATIVE SOLUTIONS  offers the following product range:

  • Flexible printed circuit boards based on polyimide
  •  single-sided to multilayer flex
  • For use in dynamic or static applications
  • With SMD population and underfill
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