Balver Zinn Solder Paste S62-XF3+

Kategorie: Solder Paste


Zzgl. USt. und Versand

Weight: 0.25 kg

HS Code:  381010 HTS Code: 381010 Country of origin: Germany


Physical and chemical properties

Flux code F3+
Particle size code X
Alloy code SAC3 S62
Alloy type Sn62Pb36Ag2
Liquidus [°C] 179.
Solidus [°C] 179.
Recommended peak temp. [°C] 205-225
Particle size (µ) 25-45
Oxide content powder [ppm] 100.
Acid number [mgKOH] (+/-2.5%)
Halides [Potentiometric] Pass
Halides [Silver-Chromate Test] Pass
Flux [% w/w] 10.61
Metal [% w/w] 89.39
Filmformer(s) Resin
Color of the residue Colorless
Viscosity @25 °C [Pa’s] Plate/Plate (+/-18%) 190.
Viscosity @ 25°C [Pa’s] Malcom PCU205 (+/-18%) 180.
Max. print speed [mm/sec] 100.
Rec.separation speed [mm/sec] 10.
Tackiness time 20°C/ 70%RH [H] 24.
Tackiness force Malcom TK1 [gr] 110.
Telcordia/Bellcore TR-NWT-000078/3 Compliant
IPC/ANSI-J-STD-0D5 Compliant
Test report(s) Available
Certificate of Compliance Available
Environmental Load Unit 1.00 5.00
RoHS-Compliance Certificate Not available
User’s Guidelines English
Jar (PP) [gram] 500
Small cartridge (HDPE) [gram 650
Large cartridge (HDPE) [gram] 1300
Cassette (HDPE) [gram] 800
Shelf-life (Weeks)
Lagerung 4-10 [°C] 25.
Storage 25 [°C] 6.


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