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Weight: 5.5 kg

HS-CODE Nr: 85151100   HTS-CODE Nr:  85151990    Country of Origin:  Germany


Consisting of:

SEMDATA the control-soldering module
SEM DPA de soldering module
100 W de soldering iron

SEM DPA – The “independent” desoldering module

Little space requirement: The SEM DPA module is positioned under the SEMDATA the control soldering module and this creates more space on the workbench.

Efficiency: The SEM DPA module is equipped with a particularly powerful extraction system and an output of 100 W.
Limited costs: The SEM DPA standard module is supplied and controlled by a SEM soldering station.
Safety: The SEM DPA module only works in the set point range. The housing is antistatic.
– Innovative: The SEM DPA module is ideal for de soldering QFP, PLCC and SO components.

SEMDATA module:
– Control of the setting by microprocessor
– Precise regulation of the selected temperature (± 2 ° C)
– fast and precise temperature setting with real-time display
– Self-diagnosis of malfunctions through error message display

Three programming levels:

– Sleep mode at a temperature of 150 ° C if the soldering iron is not used for 30 minutes and /or          automatic switch-off if it is not used for 1 hour.
– Temperature lock with access code
– OFFSET: enables a perfect match between the peak and the displayed temperature
– Power supply: 230 V secondary voltage 24 V 50/60 Hz isolation 4000 volts

Independent de soldering module SEM DPA
– Managed by the SEMDATA station (see above)
– Antistatic housing
– Vacuum display by vacuum meter
– For 50 or 100 W desoldering irons
– Power supply 230 V 50 Hz
– Flow rate of the pump: 12 l / min
– Dimensions in mm: L = 138 H = 87 D = 173

Weight 5,5 KG

HS CODE 85151100


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