Vapor Phase Reflow Soldering Machine for Hobby and Laboratory single pieces up to small quantities


The DINO CONDENS-IT PROFILER is designed for reflow soldering laboratory and prototype, single pieces and small quantities PCB’ S. Components such as QFPs, BGAs, Flip-Chips as well as hybrids are processed defect free with highest quality results. Due the small footprint of the DINO CONDENS-IT  PROFILER it may be used at any place.

Its simple fast set up ensures a rapid ready for use  providing the ability to solder high quality assemblies defect free.



  • Table model Top loader
  • Adjustable temperature profiles in the pre-heating zone (CVPRS*)
  • Adjustable TAL Time Above Liquid
  • ATS Anti Tomb Stone modus
  • Micro USB for the transfer of solderprofile data to PC
  • Window to observe the soldering process
  • Suitable for BGA’s, Stacked Packages
  • Oxygen Free Soldering
  • Homogeneous temperature transmission on the complete Assembly
  • No over heating of components

*Creative Vapor Phase Reflow Software



Order. No.


IMDES Dampfphasenlötanlage DINO CONDENS IT , ohne Medium Befüllung


Energy supply (Single Phase + ground)


220-240 Volt / 50-60 Hz


Power drawn


2500 Watt (ca. 12 A)


System dimensions.


840 x 640 x 460 mm (L x B x H)

max. solder product format


580 x 460 x 20 mm (L x B x H)

Standard cycle time


15 -20 Min

Soldering time


ca. 60 – 90 Seconds

Process temperature (depends on medium type)


150 up to 240 °C


ca. 25 kg


Forced air cooling


Heat transfer medium



GALDEN with the correct boiling temperature (max. 240 °C) higher Temperature is not possible

Medium basic filling quantity


ca. 1648.5 ml (1,65 Liter) 3 Kg GALDEN

Kondensations-Reflow-Lötanlagen (Dampfphasen-Reflow-Lötanlagen) für Labor und das Prototypenbau

Alle Informationen zum Herunterladen finden Sie in diesem PDF

High Tech Pcb´s

Balverzinn /Cobar Dispensing Solder Paste S62-325GM5 tin/lead
Vapor Phase Desoldering Tool